“You got your ears on?” Chefs Backstage Dinner at Sinema, September 14, 2017


How about a Smokey and the Bandit-themed dinner prepared by Chef Patterson alongwith Shane Autrey of the Smoke Et Al food truck and Nathan Gifford, the founder and cure king of Gifford’s Bacon. The three chefs got together and thought, “We’ve got a barbecue truck, we’ve got smoked bacon, we’ve got beer, and a big screen. Let’s put on a show!”

While some of the details will remain secret until mealtime, they are already discussing fun ways to beat the theme within an inch of its kitschy life. The evening will kick off with the Smoke Et Al’s truck parked outside the Backstage entrance at Sinema, where guests will enjoy a cocktail hour with TailGate Beer and fried fare from the truck. They’re calling it “Cledus Misto,” and it will be based on a variety of veggies that the chefs source at that week’s 12South Farmers’ Market.

The dinner will feature three courses and drink pairings, and the chefs are already working up a punny menu. They have decided that the main course will be Dr. Pepper Diablo Ribs with baked potato salad. The dessert course will be a fried pie filled with smoked sweet potato and pecans, and hopefully an ice cream out of TailGate’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Stout. Expect fun little details in terms of decorations and costuming, and if you really want to get all the jokes, you should set aside a couple hours to watch the original movie again. (But it’ll be running silently on a screen throughout dinner if you need a refresher.)

Don’t dawdle, because these tickets will go faster than a 1977 Trans Am. Here’s everything else you need to know:

Chefs Backstage at Sinema

Shane Autrey of Smoke Et Al and Nathan Gifford of Gifford’s Bacon join Sinema’s Kyle Patterson

Special guest TailGate Beer

Thursday, Sept. 14

6:30 p.m. cocktails

7 p.m. dinner

Tickets $90, plus tax (includes dinner, pairings, gratuity)